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How to start a blog and make money blogging

There have been many times we all wanted to express our opinions to the world at large through writing but we don't know how, I can assure now that there is a way to achieve that goal !! (To start a blog is the best way to achieve that goal). If the best solution to achieve my goal is blogging then how  do i start a blog? Don't worry that is what this article is meant for!… (1 comment)
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Starting a successful blog is not an easy task, you will need some essential features to get you started and these are the features we recommend


Start a blog from scratch

starting a blog made easy ,you are just 30 minutes away from starting a blog



Make Keyword research

keyword research is the best way to get your contents to first page on search engines,make keyword research about what you publish on your blog


Premium theme

If you want to consider your blog as a business,you should consider a premium theme for your blog because they have a well developed layout