How to add buttons in wordpress pages and posts

I was once like you when I don’t even know what a button is and how to add them to my wordpress blog, I searched for them on search engines and how to add them in wordpress but I did not get it because I…

SEO for bloggers : 30 ways to improve your blog SEO

It is the joy of every blogger to see their contents occupying the first slot on search engines when readers search for keywords relating to their contents, there is no other way to do this than to improve the seo of your blog and that is why we will be writing on 30 seo basics you must implement to improve your blog seo

How to guest post and 8 benefits of guest posting

Guest posting also known as Guest blogging is an off page seo technique of writing articles on other blogs by securing a link back to your website (blog) hoping to gain more awareness and fresh readers to your blog. Guest posting is an important technique…

23 profitable and untapped niches in Nigeria you can blog about

Before you can even think of starting a blog, you must have a specific broad subject you want to blog on and that is what we call niche in blogging. 23 profitable and untapped niches in Nigeria you can blog about In case you don’t…

Blog design : Things to do after launching wordpress on your new blog

We are often asked by our readers about what to do immediately they launched their blog, there are still quite a few things you need to properly setup before your blog can be “what you want and what you see from other blogs”


How to start a blog and make money blogging

There have been many times we all wanted to express our opinions to the world at large through writing but we don’t know how, I can assure now that there is a way to achieve that goal !! (To start a blog is the best way to achieve that goal).

If the best solution to achieve my goal is blogging then how  do i start a blog?

Don’t worry that is what this article is meant for!