White Hat vs Black Hat SEO : Definition, Techniques, Analysis and differences

SEO are of two branches and they are On-page and off-page seo. There are also two types of SEO and they are White hat-seo and black hat-seo, we are not going to talk about branches (off page and on page seo) here – that is…

5 reasons why you should start a blog in 2021

Let’s hit the nail on the head on the reasons why you should start a blog in 2019. Year in, year out, there are new entrants into the blogging world, who in one way or the other have picked interest in blogging. Also, you might…

Why is my website not showing up on google? (How to fix)

As a new website (blog), without taking any additional step we will discuss in this topic your website is expected to be indexed before a week so your website is a week old and your website is not indexed then something else is wrong.

SEO Glossary: Definition of SEO and 50 terms related to it

we want to help beginners get started with SEO by giving the basic definitions of some terms relating to SEO and defining SEO itself, this post is a bit lengthy so you should not just read not to get bored, make yourself comfortable by getting a seat, a drink and some crunches.Search Engine Optimization is usually regarded as all the legal processes adopted in getting “unpaid” “organic” backlinks to your website from search engines

How I got adsense approval with 8 posts in 18 days and Adsense FAQ

I have seen bloggers and webmasters in Nigeria hyping Adsense approval that it takes a lot to get Adsense approval. I agree, It takes a lot but It is not that hard like many think it is, It is very easy to get Adsense approval…

Top affiliate marketing programs to try in Nigeria 2021

No doubts, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online in Nigeria. Unfortunately, many people don’t seek the right information before venturing into it and after a few days of working tirelessly to promote a product, they will give up since…

Qservers hosting and domain name: My honest review about qservers 2021

Web-hosting company is like the heart of a website, once anything goes wrong your website will go down and that’s why you must be very careful when choosing a hosting company.Qservers is a web hosting company in Nigeria managed By Seun Kehinde with 12 years of experience in hosting and domain management, they specialize majorly in selling

23 profitable and untapped niches in Nigeria you can blog about 2021

Before you can even think of starting a blog, you must have a specific broad subject you want to blog on and that is what we call niche in blogging. 23 profitable and untapped niches in Nigeria you can blog about In case you don’t…


How to start a blog and make money blogging in Nigeria2021

There have been many times we all wanted to express our opinions to the world at large through writing but we don’t know how, I can assure now that there is a way to achieve that goal !! (To start a blog is the best way to achieve that goal).

If the best solution to achieve my goal is blogging then how  do i start a blog?

Don’t worry that is what this article is meant for!