I bought a domain name now what? (10 things to do with it)

You’ve bought a domain name after a thorough research, we hope that you chose the perfect domain for your business. You can now be regarded to as the chief executive owner of your domain name😋. So I bought a domain name now what? (What to…

How to write catchy blog headlines and titles everyone wants to read

Writing a catchy blog headline is sometimes like a mountain hill to limb. Even some professional bloggers do have the headache when it comes to writing a catchy blog headlines and titles everyone would want to read. Don’t obsess yourself with the thought of how…

How to choose hosting and domain name (beginners guide)

Of great importance is starting a blog, however choosing a brand-able domain name and a satisfactory hosting package is more important. Domain name and hosting are very important for your blog and that’s why every blog must have one, only if you blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com platform that you won’t need to host your blog.

12 reasons why your website will be banned by Search engine

Research shows that 60% of websites get most of their traffic from search engines and if luckily you are part of those 60% or you want to be, do you know how devastating it will be if you no longer get organic traffic from search…

Blog design : Things to do after launching wordpress on your new blog

We are often asked by our readers about what to do immediately they launched their blog, there are still quite a few things you need to properly setup before your blog can be “what you want and what you see from other blogs”