8 benefits of writing lengthy and original posts on your blog

10 benefits of writing lengthy and original posts on your blog

Blogging can be so daunting sometimes especially when it comes to the part of having to produce contents and hope your readers like it, we all know producing contents as a blogger is not easy but it is a must-do as it is what defines our blog and not just ordinary contents “meaningful contents”.

I saw a post on nairaland where the original poster asked a question that “What is the key to blogging consistency or long posts?” Well let me start by saying the two are the key to blogging but original and lengthy posts are the master-key not ordinary key to blogging because I don’t think a consistent blogger producing thousands of plagiarized articles can be more successful than an inconsistent blogger with 100 original and lengthy posts. It does not matter when you write but how meaningful it is.

On that thread I also noticed that someone asked a reasonable question that Lindaikejisblog and Naijaloaded produce plagiarized articles and then why are they successful; Permit me to say this, Lindaikeji does not plagiarize articles, am quite sure she worked hard to get most of those news you see on her blog by herself with mixtures from foreign websites probably with their consent but as for Naijaloaded, in a sane country the owner should be in jail by now for online fraud and that’s why you won’t find adsense on Naijaloaded except they buy it, Lindai keji got her Adsense a long time ago before she started posting plagiarized contents. Most of these Linda-ikeji wanna be entertainment bloggers are the reasons why Nigeria blogosphere is usually regarded to as a joke filled with lies .

Between, you can’t compare your blog with the two blogs I mentioned above, they are blogs with high page authority and domain authority and that’s why you will see them on top of the search results.

In addition another reason they are successful despite posting copied contents is that majority of bogs in their niche produced follow their footsteps—that is why you will see large number of entertainment bloggers in Nigeria starting a multi-niche blog, if new blogs in their niche can work hard on their backlinks, target keywords, post original contents and lengthy posts that are fully optimized for SEO, they will surely outrank them but entertainment niche in Nigeria is Garbage in Garbage out so search engines have no option than to consider other SEO factors like DA and PA to rank blogs in entertainment niche.

An entertainment blogger once told me that it is impossible for entertainment blogs to produce posts of 1000 words post, i told him I once saw an entertainment blogger write on Top 50 hip-hop singers in Nigeria with 5000 words, is the writer from another world?
If you are present at the place where the event you are posting on occur, am quite sure you will be able to put 100 words together when publishing the news but laziness and plagiarism Is in our blood—sorry to say this.

With all these am very sure your next question will be the reason why nairaland is also successful plagiarizing contents——Nairaland is not a blog please and it is very hard to fight plagiarism on a forum, that is why they say you should link to the source after copying from other websites.

Lengthy and original post goes hand in hand, you cannot write a post of 150 words and call it an original post because it is not and will never be.

These are the reasons why you should publish original and lengthy posts on your blog

#1 It increases seo ranking

SEO competition is getting tougher and tougher every day, we have to go extra miles to get search engines to place our contents on first page, not everyone can be there though so you have to take some necessary steps to fight for a slot for first page and one of the vital steps is to write original and lengthy articles on your blog.

Writing original and lengthy blog posts is the beauty of blogging and that’s why search engines most especially Google penalize blogs with plagiarized contents, I wonder why anyone will want to start a blog that copy from other blogs nowadays when competition is getting tougher-probably they don’t know the implications of this because if they do they won’t do it.

As a blogger, it is your responsibility to produce valuable contents that engage your readers so I don’t see the reason why you should be a blogger if you can’t write by yourself or hire writers to write inspiring articles for you. Many bloggers plagiarise articles because they think their grammar is not sound enough to write error-free blog posts but they are mistaken because those they copy from too aren’t a genius, they keep on writing and writing to reach that climax so start writing yourself, in the next six months if you start writing yourself, you will get better.

I was reading through an entertainment blog of 10 years old yesterday and what I saw really made me weep for our blogging system in Nigeria, the bog has 5000 posts and the post with the maximum number of words have 250 words, I now multiplied the 250 by the total no of posts making 1,250,000 words in total; you won’t believe that a 2-year-old blog with a minimum of 3000 words and 416 posts will equally sum up with the entertainment blog total words, I wonder why entertainment blogs in Nigeria keep burning their disk space on posts that are not worth it.

Am not saying that blogs who engage in such act aren’t successful, of course they do! But what many don’t know is that if they face fierce competition with blogs with higher PA and DA they will lose the battle since original contents will be the next thing to check for.

#2. Fast adsense and other adnetworks approval
If you plagiarise articles or you write a minimum of 300 words blog posts and you escaped that first shot, this shot which Is Adsense will surely tie you down no matter the way you do it.

Adsense rules are not very strict to be candid, if you meet their requirements then you will get it. The main requirement to get adsense on your blog is writing original and lengthy post.

If you write articles of 1000 words, you will surely get adsense, surely! you’ve met 50% out of the requirements laid down by adsense, all other requirements are easy to follow.

#3 Revamp your writing skills
An adage says “we learn to speak by speaking”. This adage is also applicable to writing because we also learn to write by writing.

Writing can be a gift but if you are very hardworking you can also be mistaken for a gifted writer as time goes on.

The best way to learn how to write inspiring posts as a blogger is by writing lengthy and original posts to test your writing skills. If you want to learn how to write blog posts, you can read top online blogs, magazines etc, When you read them you will learn one or two things from them

#4 Gain trust from your readers

The best way to gain trust from your readers is to write original posts, no one will buy e-books from a blog with 100% plagiarized articles, what do they want to gain from such e-book? Absolutely nothing!.

Some bloggers do say they don’t write lengthy posts because online users don’t like reading lengthy post, that is totally a false statement , it depends on the way you write it.

If you write a post of 1000words and it is meaningful to your reader than writing 10000 words post that is senseless. You can’t write 50 words post and you expect your readers to like it the best length practice for blog post is 1000words.

#5 Reduce your bounce rate

We talked about how to reduce your bounce rate here but do you know that publishing plagiarized content and posts with little words can increase your bounce rate? Just imagine reading an article somewhere and the following day you see a blog with thesame content what will you do? Bounce back right?

In addition, writing posts with few words can easily increase your bounce rate since readers will not be fully engaged with your posts.

#6 Beat Your competitors

Blogging is getting more and more competitive every day, there are millions of blogs online. The 300 minimum words is fast getting outdated because thousands of blogs are already working on this, you have to write a minimum of 500words before you can even think of beating your competitors, in fact if you can get it to 1000 words it will be really great but it is easier said than done, am a blogger too and I know how tedious this can be especially if you are a part-time blogger

#7 Give more room to monetize your posts The more the length of your posts, the higher the chances you will have to monetize the post. You can’t place 10 ad spaces in a post of 50 words and you can’t insert many affiliate links in a post of 50 words and if you force it in your user will surely get frustrated.

#8 The longer the post the higher the keywords you can include and target
Do you know that keyword research is very beneficial when you post and that is why I always suggest that you do keyword research when you post, the tool I recommend for keyword research is SEMrush. If you write lengthy posts you can include and target more keywords and you can even change the post title as time goes on but with a post with few words am afraid this will be difficult

#9.You will easily get more shares
You will get many shares on your blog posts if readers find what you post very useful, many bloggers do make the mistake of writing 150words on a blog
then share the post and unfortunately the 150 words is an excerpt on social media then they share it on social media and put read more, what will the readers read more 😎😎? Absolutely nothing! They will just scroll for 2seconds and leave but can this be ever happen to a 1000 words post? Freaking No! It can Only happen If the article doesn’t engage the reader.

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