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Hosting and domain

How to Create your own email domain free (like

How professional will it be to have a personal email address like It will be massively professional right? How about telling your friends and family that your email address is Some sort of household fame starts right? Of course they will respect you

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Blog posts
Ahmed Suleiman

How to schedule your time as a part time blogger

For every part time blogger, it will always be lovely and great to experience what makes a blogger unique and be top of others. You might have stumbled across both part time and full-time bloggers, and you may find it onerous as to which one

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start a blog
Ahmed Suleiman

5 reasons why you should start a blog in 2019

Let’s hit the nail on the head on the reasons why you should start a blog in 2019. Year in, year out, there are new entrants into the blogging world, who in one way or the other have picked interest in blogging. Also, you might

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Affiliate marketing
Ahmed Suleiman

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

This Marketing strategy should not be strange to you, you must have done this before. Just incase you don’t know, the best way to promote affiliate products as an affiliate marketer is by blogging. It boost sales! Affiliate marketing is one of the proven ways

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Make money blogging

How to Make money blogging for beginners 2019 (All for free)

Now that you’ve started a blog and designed it, Sooner or later you will be thinking of ways to make money from your blog so we have decided to write on “How to Make money blogging for beginners: 10 legitimate ways to make money from

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Our Services

Starting a successful blog is not an easy task, you will need some essential features to get you started and these are the features we recommend


Start a blog from scratch

starting a blog made easy ,you are just 30 minutes away from starting a blog



Make Keyword research

keyword research is the best way to get your contents to first page on search engines,make keyword research about what you publish on your blog


Premium theme

If you want to consider your blog as a business,you should consider a premium theme for your blog because they have a well developed layout