Qservers hosting and domain name: My honest review about qservers 2021

Web-hosting company is like the heart of a website, once anything goes wrong your website will go down and that’s why you must be very careful when choosing a hosting company.Qservers is a web hosting company in Nigeria managed By Seun Kehinde with 12 years of experience in hosting and domain management, they specialize majorly in selling

How to Create your own email domain free (like admin@company.com)

How professional will it be to have a personal email address like yourname@yourwebsite.com? It will be massively professional right? How about telling your friends and family that your email address is yoursurname@yourwebsite.com Some sort of household fame starts right? Of course they will respect you…

I bought a domain name now what? (10 things to do with it)

You’ve bought a domain name after a thorough research, we hope that you chose the perfect domain for your business. You can now be regarded to as the chief executive owner of your domain name😋. So I bought a domain name now what? (What to…

How to choose hosting and domain name (beginners guide)

Of great importance is starting a blog, however choosing a brand-able domain name and a satisfactory hosting package is more important. Domain name and hosting are very important for your blog and that’s why every blog must have one, only if you blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com platform that you won’t need to host your blog.