White Hat vs Black Hat SEO : Definition, Techniques, Analysis and differences

SEO are of two branches and they are On-page and off-page seo. There are also two types of SEO and they are White hat-seo and black hat-seo, we are not going to talk about branches (off page and on page seo) here – that is…

Why is my website not showing up on google? (How to fix)

As a new website (blog), without taking any additional step we will discuss in this topic your website is expected to be indexed before a week so your website is a week old and your website is not indexed then something else is wrong.

SEO Glossary: Definition of SEO and 50 terms related to it

we want to help beginners get started with SEO by giving the basic definitions of some terms relating to SEO and defining SEO itself, this post is a bit lengthy so you should not just read not to get bored, make yourself comfortable by getting a seat, a drink and some crunches.Search Engine Optimization is usually regarded as all the legal processes adopted in getting “unpaid” “organic” backlinks to your website from search engines

SEO for bloggers : 30 ways to improve your blog SEO

It is the joy of every blogger to see their contents occupying the first slot on search engines when readers search for keywords relating to their contents, there is no other way to do this than to improve the seo of your blog and that is why we will be writing on 30 seo basics you must implement to improve your blog seo

Meta Tags (Description, title & keywords) : Meaning, types and how to place them

This particular topic “Meta Tags (Description, title & keywords ) : Meaning, types and where to place them” has been on my mind for like a month now, I want to clear the doubt on meta tags. Let me start by saying there are differences…

12 reasons why your website will be banned by Search engine

Research shows that 60% of websites get most of their traffic from search engines and if luckily you are part of those 60% or you want to be, do you know how devastating it will be if you no longer get organic traffic from search…