10 things I wish I knew before starting a blog

I have 10 friends that started a blog last year, 6 of them already quitted while 2 are still contemplating whether to stop or continue. If you want to create a profitable and proffesional blog, you will need to get yourself prepared as blogging is not that easy like many aspiring bloggers think it is.

5 reasons why you should start a blog in 2021

Let’s hit the nail on the head on the reasons why you should start a blog in 2019. Year in, year out, there are new entrants into the blogging world, who in one way or the other have picked interest in blogging. Also, you might…


How to start a blog and make money blogging in Nigeria2021

There have been many times we all wanted to express our opinions to the world at large through writing but we don’t know how, I can assure now that there is a way to achieve that goal !! (To start a blog is the best way to achieve that goal).

If the best solution to achieve my goal is blogging then how  do i start a blog?

Don’t worry that is what this article is meant for!

Top 15 blogs in Nigeria and their owners (bloggers) 2020

Blogging is one hell of a lucrative online job in Nigeria, if you know how to play your games as a blogger and you can make a whole lot of research before you venture in you will surely succeed and earn big from it. If…

Top 15 bloggers in Nigeria and their owners (bloggers) 2021 edition

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How to choose hosting and domain name (beginners guide)

Of great importance is starting a blog, however choosing a brand-able domain name and a satisfactory hosting package is more important. Domain name and hosting are very important for your blog and that’s why every blog must have one, only if you blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com platform that you won’t need to host your blog.

Blog design : Things to do after launching wordpress on your new blog

We are often asked by our readers about what to do immediately they launched their blog, there are still quite a few things you need to properly setup before your blog can be “what you want and what you see from other blogs”