How I got adsense approval with 8 posts in 18 days and Adsense FAQ

I have seen bloggers and webmasters in Nigeria hyping Adsense approval that it takes a lot to get Adsense approval.

I agree, It takes a lot but It is not that hard like many think it is, It is very easy to get Adsense approval but we Nigerians always want to cut corners to get things.

For the two blogs I own, I got Adsense approved once with both without disapproval.

I have helped many bloggers get Adsense approval in the past for free and some blogs took 2-3 months before I could get them approved due to one reason or the other.

I clearly stated them in my eBook on hidden secrets to get Adsense approval even when you don’t deserve it

I don’t just know, I like helping bloggers and aspiring bloggers

For, before I started the blog I told myself that IfI don’t get adsense approval once with Minimum of 10 posts then I will quit the blogging niche.

It is not possible for me to write about Adsense approval without having an Adsense account, I trust Nigerians they will never read it.

If you noticed my writing style, I don’t write on what I haven’t experienced or tested before,

To me, Adsense approval shouldn’t be a force to reckon with, what should be a force to reckon with is how to increase your adsense earning without engaging in all these fraudulent acts not like self clicking etc. not how to get adsense approval.

I got Adsense approval for my blog with 8 posts only in 24 days 1day
You are shocked right ? Don’t be!

For doubting Thomas(es) check the images below

I have seen bloggers saying you can’t get adsense approval in a day that It is impossible, believe me it is very much possible but the stress will be very much for you to handle.

You can get Adsense approval in a day since Nigeria is not on the Google blacklist for minimum age requirement though am very confident we will soon join those blacklisted by Google Adsense since fraudulent click is getting more rampant and that is why you need to get your adsense account approved as fast as possible.

To get adsense approval in a day, you have to produce a reasonable number of contents before 24hrs, your design must be top-notch before 24hrs, you must update your pages before 24hrs. That will be stressful right?

Let me leave story and go to the business of the day, I was told that Nigerians don’t like reading lengthy piece

Wait a minute, before I start,Do you really believe you need to buy an adsense account before you can be called an Adsense publisher?

Do you know that as an entertainment blogger you can get Adsense approval without deleting all your plagiarized posts?

Do you know what it means when Adsense reject your site for not having a good Navigation structure?

Do you know that you can get Adsense approval for a blog with adult contents? Am talking of relationship blogs etc. ?

Have you ever been disapproved because of SEO before?

Do you want to know the exact no of posts and pages you need to get Adsense approval?

Do you want to know the exact no of visitors you need to get Adsense approval?

Oh you don’t know how to interpret the Adsense disapproval message Adsense sent to you, we’ve found a way

just download this eBook and read, you should get adsense approval in 7 days, the eBook is an advanced guide to How to get adsense approval fast (Beginners and pro guide)

One major asset about the eBook is that if you still read that eBook and you don’t get approval (Believe me it should happen! I took my time to solve all adsense approval issues in that eBook) we included a premium email to contact us for personal approval and the deal is for the first 20 people to download the eBook.

Before you leave without downloading the eBook, let me just brief you on one point I clearly stated in the eBook on getting Adsense approval if your blog posts get plagiarized

Adsense specialists are very sharp, If you publish a post by 11:59am and another person plagiarize it by 12am, believe me if that act continue for months you will still get Adsense approval.

Adsense can track the real owner of articles. How they do this is still unknown to experts! but we are guessing they track dates, so you want to start changing your article dates because I said this? You are wasting your time and at thesame time damaging your seo ranking, you will even get banned for black hat SEO!

You must have noticed that I do share some topics on Nairaland, out of the 8 posts I got adsense approval with 2 of them are on Nairaland but I knew it does not stop me from getting approved.

In 2016 too, out of 20 posts I published on my blog 10 were published on Nairaland but they did not even stop me from getting Adsense approval

The fact am trying to point out from this is that those that, many that even duplicated my posts on Nairaland to their blogs could not even stop me from getting approval.

Let me just stop here, Download the eBook to see adsense hidden tricks

How I got adsense approval with 8 posts in 24 days and Adsense FAQ

So on 8th of november I applied for Adsense and I got approved on 26th of november, seriously it could have been a day that I got my new domain name but Adsense spoiled it, the approval process took 18 days which was the first time this will ever happen to me, the maximum is 1 day — I guess it was as a result of holidays in USA ranging from black friday to cyber monday etc.

SO What are the hidden secrets I used to get Adsense approval?
Hidden Secrets are explained in My eBook but I will tell you the non-hidden secrets now.

  • I bought a domain name
  • I had original contents and they were lengthy
  • I designed all my images
  • Did not write for Adsense. Wrote articles for my readers
  • Had three must-have pages before I applied which are Contact us, About us and privacy policy
  • My blog design was lit

And some other techniques stated in My eBook.

Let me just take my time to answer 5 Frequently asked questions about Adsense, you can add to the faq with the comment section

How long does it take to get Adsense approval?

As at 2016, It used to be in a week to two weeks but Nowadays you should get approved in a day but in rare cases like mine it may take up to 6 weeks. Please place Adsense code on a live website, this is some of the reason you may not get a message even after 6 weeks

Any correlation between SEO and Adsense?

Many do get disapproval message like

Things are fast changing, many blogs now get disapproved for seo issues but if you get a disapproval message like this you should get set up some minor seo settings (Answered this perfectly well in my eBook).

In future, Adsense may start connecting the dots between SEO and Adsense, this will even prevent Adsense malpractices

Can I get Adsense approval without a single post

Hell No! You should consider developing an app or monetizing your youtube videos

Can I get Adsense approval without backlinks

This is funny though, you don’t need backlinks for Adsense approval! You only need it for SEO

Can I get Adsense approval with a new blog

I got adsense approval with a new blog and a domain name that is not even up to a month old

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