How to Create your own email domain free (like

How professional will it be to have a personal email address like

It will be massively professional right?

How about telling your friends and family that your email address is

Some sort of household fame starts right? Of course they will respect you more and you will gain more popularity!

No doubt, Hotmail or Gmail addresses work just fine for emailing your friends, family and co-workers but when you start having clients most especially for online businesses and you starting sending emails to your customers with then you lose your credibility.

No customer or client will respect your business when you start mailing them with an email address with suffix like or, they may even sense some sorts of online scamming in your business so setting up an email address with @company name will be more professional. It will not only give your customers good first impression about your business but also a reflection of what you can offer.

So the question now is How do I get an email address with my domain name for free?

Before I answer this question you need to take a look at somethings that will be the major determinants in getting an email address with your domain name as the suffix

Do you even have a domain name?(If you don’t have this then you need to get one from qservers)

Have you purchased a hosting plan already? (If you don’t have one you need to get one from qservers too or your domain registrar)

Which type of hosting plan did you purchase from your hosting company? (This will determine the number of different email addresses you can get with your domain name)

…..Of course you can get your custom email addresses without a website but you will need at least a domain name and a hosting plan.

Furthermore, the benefit of getting your hosting plan from the same place you got your domain name from is that you won’t go through the stress of having to start changing nameservers or doing some settings on your Cpanel. The two will be synced together for you and that is why I will always recommend qservers for your hosting and domain. You can check my honest review on qservers

Also, don’t deceived by the headline you saw, Getting a custom domain aren’t free at all.The best things in Life aren’t free, even in Freetown things are not free.

Also you must have seen all these G-suite stuffs and the likes e.g. Zoho telling you to et custom domain name from them.

…Am not saying they are scam but please get it at the back of your mind that you will pay for hosting and domain name

Online surfers do ask for “how do i create a gmail account with my domain name?” but I guess they want to sync their custom domain name to their gmail

We will be discussing on two different ways to get free domain email address or free custom email domain

Here is a quick guide to getting your own branded email address which will include:

How to create your own email domain free without a website, domain name or hosting plan

How to create your own email domain free without a website but with a domain name and  hosting.


How to set up gmail to send and receive emails using your domain name or how to link domain email to gmail

I will suggest or let me say advise that you go for the second option which is creating your own email domain free without a website which is the safest.

How to create your own email domain free without a website but with a domain name and  hosting

So let’s start, am illustrating this with cPanel which is the Control panel majority of all hosting companies use

Step 1: Login to your cPanel from your hosting dashboard

Step 2: Locate the “email account” in the cPanel section.

step 3: After Clicking on the email account, a new page will be brought to you to fill in some necessary information like email (under account name enter something like yourname, admin, contact etc.), password etc. Fill them without Prevarication
How to create email domain free

Step 4: You should get a message like the image below which shows that your email is active and ready.You will start receiving emails when anyone message you with that address.
If you don’t get the message, there are many things involved, probably your hosting package doesn’t support adding a custom email, you chose a weak password or you don’t have enough disk space.

So I created a custom domain name now where do I start from? How do I check my inbox and the likes

Well let me introduce you to this, click on the “view” in the success email

When next you want to check your inbox just go to, replace with your url

It won’t be that easy to check your inbox right? Yes I know! So the next step is how to sync your domain email with your Gmail app.

How to set up gmail to send and receive emails using your domain name or how to link domain email to gmail

Step 1: Open your Gmail app

Step 2: Click the menu option at the edge, 3 overlayed line in mobile

Step 3 :Something like this, as in the image below should display
How-to create a free email domain and sync with gmail

Click on “Add Account”
I censored some things out that’s why there are many white or blank spaces

Step 4: Next is a page where you will be told to choose the type of mail

Click Other

Step 4: So the next step is to enter your email address so enter your custom email address here. Something like

When you are done, click “Next”

Step 5: Now this is where confusion may set in, you will be told to choose the type of account the email is. Most hosting companies use Personal (POP3) so click on it

Step 6: So the next page will tell you to enter your password, don’t forget this is the custom email password you entered in your hosting cPanel.

Step 7: A page will be displayed which will consist of the information you entered before but new fields will be added which include port and security type.

Port varies so I will suggest you mail your hosting company for it.

Also security type varies so mail your hosting company customer care to get the actual one.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day ahead

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