Hidden secrets to get Adsense approval (Even when you don’t deserve it)

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We don’t want you to buy adsense and still get banned at the long run

It is even hard to buy adsense account nowadays as the new policy is against it, you will need to buy the website with it which will cost you a fortune

With this eBook you will get adsense approval without stress,I got Adsense approval with 8 posts only in 24days 1day


I got Adsense approval for many blogs and I stated my experience getting those blogs approved for adsense.

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We dropped an email address inside the ebook for the first 20 people to download the eBook to reach us if they still can’t get adsense approval even after reading the ebook which I don’t think will happen because the eBook is comprehensive on its own and problem solving, it won’t! Just dropped the email if you have a case different entirely from this perspective

This eBook is an advanced guide to How to get adsense approval fast

With this eBook you will get adsense approval without stress,I got Adsense approval with 8 posts only in 24days 1day

Before you leave without buying this eBook let me just ask you few questions.

Do you know that as an entertainment blogger you can get Adsense approval without deleting all your plagiarized posts?

Do you know what it means when Adsense reject your site for not having a good Navigation structure?

Do you really believe you need to buy an adsense account before you can be an Adsense publisher?

Do you know that there is a way you can get adsense approval for websites publishing adult contents? so you don’t?
Download that ebook to see the trick

Believe me when I say this eBook is worth more than the price am currently selling it for, I may even decide to raise the price after some days.

One Asset about this eBook is that, if after downloading this ebook and follow the guidelines we gave you still could not get Adsense approval which am not even sure will happen, we dropped a premium email inside it. For the first 20 buyers we will try our best to get Adsense approval for them and the only thing we will not do for them is write for them or buy a domain name.

If you encounter any problem when purchasing the ebook, just forward the email you used for payment, If a payment was made with the email, we will forward the eBook to your email address.

To further solve all your problem, We also provided solutions to common Adsense rejection issue

  • Don’t place ads on auto generated page
  • Solved!

  • It is important for sites displaying google ads to offer significant value to users. As a publisher you must provide unique and relevant contents that give users reasons to visit at first
  • Solved!


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Charles Emmanuel
January 12, 2019

The book is valuable and got me AdSense approval within 8 days. Thanks for the timely info and if you are struggling to decide on buying the product, I advice you do before Google shuts the door

Charles Emmanuel The Editor in Chief Growblogtraffic.Com


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