Qservers hosting and domain name: My honest review about qservers 2021

Web-hosting company is like the heart of a website, once anything goes wrong your website will go down and that’s why you must be very careful when choosing a hosting company.

I have been using Qservers for some months now and I won’t lie to you am really glad with their service and that’s why am recommending them to you though they have their own cons but they are not that bad like other hosting companies.

I will discuss them in details as we go on with this articles, no web-hosting without cons from experience so am rating them 90% for now.

If you want to start a blog with qservers, I wrote a post on step-by-step guide on how you can start a blog here using Qservers as my reference hosting and domain company.

You can also checkout this video on how to use qservers

Without wasting much of our time, let’s get started with the business of the day “Qservers hosting and domain: Everything you need to know about Qservers (My honest review) and hosting with wordpress too” as at 2019 when I will renew my service with them

About Qservers

Qservers is a web hosting company in Nigeria managed By Seun Kehinde with 12 years of experience in hosting and domain management, they specialize majorly in selling domain names and sharing a hosting plan to companies and personal website owners.

They offer services like Website hosting, domain name registration, web design, ssl security, VPS and dedicated server hosting.

Address: Their office is located at Centage plaza, 5th floor, 14 Allen Ave, 100281, ikeja

Year Founded: Qservers was founded in year 2006 and since then they’ve recorded a maximum growth with over 20,000 websites currently hosting with Qservers


Twitter: @Qservershosting

How good is qservers? My honest review on Qservers
I have been using qservers for months now, apart from this blog you are reading right now I once hosted a blog on Qservers in year 2016. Qservers is the best hosting company in Nigeria from my experience though I have tried only a few of Nigeria hosting companies.
I’ve been using qservers for some months now and these are the things I noticed about them:

    1. .Their customer care service is superb and the best I have ever seen as they will help beginners like you achieve a lot with your website
    2. . The 99.9% uptime you see there is a joke, no web hosting can offer 99.9% uptime. I observed downtime once and it was as a result of an upgraded server I guess, Jetpack do notify me often that my website is done but anytime I check It is not, I mailed their admin and they said when they see a ping from Jetpack they ban their IP address and release them in an hour time, no detailed explanation about this though but I think I can give them 90% uptime.
    3. They give .com.ng as addon
    4. HTTPS:// is free
    5. You can share a hosting plan with two domain names
    6. Not all Qservers support admins knows what they are doing but their experts are more than the quack ones
    7. Their coupon codes are not many and they hardly give discounts and even when they do sometimes it does not work
    8. They don’t have many detailed tutorials online on how to use their products and their knowledgebase is very annoying but worry less their customer care is there for you 24/7.
    9. Qservers don’t offer affiliate for domain names and they don’t give commissions when you refer affiliate marketers too</li<
    10. I use the #6500 hosting plan for now which I hope to increase next year, not so costly for a 40GB disk space I think. I will advise you to go for the #9000 plan
    11. Qservers control panel is easy to use as you will find it very easy to use. If you don’t get anything you can reach out to their admin or open a live chat on their website
    12. I transferred my blog from one domain name to another and Qservers made this easy for me even though I faced a lot of difficulties at my end.
    13. Personally I hope to renew my hosting and domain name with qservers the following year as they are the best I can have at the moment
    14. Furthermore, am sure you will want to know more about qservers so I prepared a quick faq and knowledgebase about qservers hosting and domain name


      Qservers customer care
      Am rating their customer care 98% as they are always active and they give detailed solutions on the questions you ask them.

      You can also call them on (08187881181 or 09094786149) and they will surely pick up your call.

      The superior of it all is that they will always call you if they don’t get the question you are asking or they notice you don’t get their explanations. Sometimes they also call me to ask about their service.

      Qservers cpanel
      Qservers uses the same control panel like other web hosting companies which means you can get detailed tutorials of this control panel online.

      Their control panel is known as Cpanel with functionalities like subdomains, addon domains, softaculous to install drupal-wordpress etc, let’s encrypt to add HTTPS://, file manager and many other features.

      How much is qservers domain and hosting
      It depends on what you want but the images above will explain in details but if you can’t see the image let me write some.

      • .com domain name as at 2018/2019 is #3000
      • .org is #3,900
      • .com.ng is #1500
      • .ng is #9000
      • .net is #4,500

      Some domain extensions like .gov, .gov.ng, .edu, .edu.ng, .fm, .tv, .eu, .us are not meant to be registered by a private entity. However, if you have legal backings that you indeed own a school or you are a governmental organization then you can go for them if you have the evidence.

      Moreover, Hosting plan varies and depends solely on your pocket but as a blogger you should not try the #3000 plan, your website will go down often as you will lack disk space and bandwidth at the long run.

      The #9000 plan is advisable but you can choose the higher hosting plans if you have the money, it will never be a waste!

      What do you think of Qservers bandwidth and disk space

      At least still far better and satisfactory if you go for the business plan and above.

      How is Qservers uptime like

      Let me say 90%, better than few hosting companies I know though I won’t mention names here. They hardly experience downtime and anytime you notice something of such, you can call or mail them they will get it resolved in less than 3 minutes

      Have you had any problem with Qservers before and how did they react to it?

      Yes I had to transfer my blog to a new domain name and they did a lot to help me out.

      I also had a downtime only once and they told me the cause and since then I don’t think I’ve experienced any downtime apart from the incorrect mail I get from jetpack which is not true as I always check my website anytime jetpack mail me.

      How long have I been using Qservers? For three months now as at November 2018, I also used them in 2016 for a year and I even hope to renew with them the following year as their service is okay.

      How great is qservers wordpress hosting?

      Qservers WordPress hosting is lit, in their control panel they have what we call softaculous like other hosting companies you can use to install wordpress and start designing your wordpress website with just a click.

      With their file manager too you can install wordpress plugins and wordpress themes too, you can also uninstall them here when anything goes wrong.

      Can I get HTTPS from Qservers and how much will it cost?

      Of course! And for your information it is free with them, they partnered with let’s encrypt to encrypt HTTPS:// for free. You can check this guide on encrypting HTTPS for free with qservers.

      What mode of payment does Qservers accept?

      I personally have tried Qservers interswitch web payments and bank transfer before, you can also pay cash to their agents in their office .
      Those are the recommended payment options by Qservers so anyone telling you to pay his or her some amounts to set up Qservers online payment for you must be a scammer except if the person is your web designer.

      Does Qservers have an affiliate program

      Yes! And they will give you #500 just for registering for their affiliate program

      Pros of Qservers

      • Renewal price is thesame as first purchase price except for .com.ng which is free on first purchase
      • 24/7 customer care service
      • Multiple options of payment
      • Fast server

      Cons of Qservers

      • Few detailed tutorials about qservers online


      : It all depends on you now whether you want to use qservers or not but with this article am sure you know what to do next. If you know of other web-hosting companies you can go for it if you know their pros and cons and we suggest that you read reviews about them online.

      We use Qservers and we recommend that you use it too so click the button below to register with qservers and start your own website now .

      Start your website (blog) with Qservers now

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