Top 15 blogs in Nigeria and their owners (bloggers) 2020

Blogging is one hell of a lucrative online job in Nigeria, if you know how to play your games as a blogger and you can make a whole lot of research before you venture in you will surely succeed and earn big from it.

If you notice, there have been some issues lately where online users regard to “Nigerian blogosphere” as a lying based industry occupied by hungry and lazy publishers, they mmight be true to some extent but that is an issue for another day so don’t let us digress to this.

Despite all these accusations been made, some bloggers took a bold step in building their online career by starting outstanding blogs in Nigeria to help online users solve one issue or the other so we want to credit these set of bloggers by including their names and their blogs on the list of Top 10-15 successful blogs in Nigeria and their owners (bloggers) in 2020.

These blogs have been source of inspiration to upcoming bloggers in Nigeria and that’s why you will see many bloggers cloning their scripts, pattern and templates to start theirs.

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Please bear in mind that this list is an unbiased list as we met none of these bloggers before we Include their blogs on the list, we conducted our research properly before coming up with this list and some names you thought would make the list may not make it due to one reason or the other, our list is not based on traffic alone, other factors were considered.

Without wasting much of our time let’s get started with our business of the day (main reason you are here) which is to check the list of successful bloggers in Nigeria and their blogs

This was the measure we took to rank those blogs and it was well simulated by our simulator:

Alexa ranking Traffic-30%
Contents: 26%
Pagerank: 20%
Social media popularity and likes: 14%
Owners popularity: 10 %



Founded in Year: 2006

Niche: News & Entertainment

Owner: Linda Ikeji

Estimated Monthly Visitors: 8 million

Area of Competence: Timely updates and trustworthiness

No doubt is the best blog in Nigeria, a blog owned by the prolific blogger Linda ikeji, she has been occupying the space as the best blogger in Nigeria for some time now and I don’t see her vacating this spot anytime soon except give her a run for her money.

The moment non-bloggers hear the name Linda ikeji, the first thing that run through to their mind is blogging which shows that she is the most popular blogger in Nigeria. Many even use phrases like I want to start a “Linda Ikeji” which shows that he/she want to start a og.

Lindaikejisblog, a blog that generates millions of pageviews per day with a pagerank of 7 currently at the benchmark of top 1000 websites in the world, this blog majorly covers celebrity gist home and abroad with some exclusive entertainment news.

2. or

Legit-among-top-10 blogs-and-bloggers-in-Nigeria
Founded in Year : 2012

Niche: News, Entertainment, Politics

Owner: Georgios Vlachou

Estimated Monthly Visitors: 12 million

Area of Competence: Wide coverage and super rich contents is a leading Nigerian news site founded in 2012. Basically, the website delivers up-to-date news revolving around Politics and Entertainment. is gradually becoming a one-stop-shop for all Nigerians, because there is virtually no keyword you will search for on Google or other search engines that Legit won’t make the top 10 except of it the keyword doesn’t correspond with their niche.

The website started as but due to some reasons, the domain name was later changed to, and now

As of February 2020, has more than 9 million monthly readers and it’s ranked as the 6th overall most visited website in Nigeria.

The website also boast of 4 million+ active Facebook fans, which is quite larger than that of its counterparts like SaharaReporters, Vanguardngr, TribuneOnline, PunchNG, etc

Due to the websites popularity, its Android App got 500,000+ installs within 10 months of release and the number has risen to 6 million+ today.

Also, Legit.ngs YouTube Channel now has 100,000+ active subscribers, making it one of the Top 50 channels in Nigeria.

One of the controversial issues on is its ownership, While some believe that the website is owned by a Nigerian, some also think that it is owned by a Belarusian named Vital Laptenok. Well, both assertions are wrong! is owned by a Greek man – Georgios Vlachou, and not Vital Laptenok. Laptenok is only a Growth Hacker at Genesis Technology Partners.
It will interest you to know that the owner of is also running leading news websites in Ghana and Kenya, named and respectively. goes beyond a news website as it also features an email platform which allows its members to have their personal mail such as “”

Unlike most news websites out there, is available in English & Hausa language, and it was rumored that the website will soon be available in other Nigerian languages as well.

Well what shall we say, has come to stay and I don’t see them declining sooner and they are even likely to unseat Lindaikejiblog since they cover different fields and they spend huge sum on adverts.


Year founded : 2006

Niche: Lifestyle & Entertainment

Owner: Uche Eze
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 5 million

Area of Competence: Community Impact and Professionalism in her niche

BellaNaija is an award-winning blog founded by Uche Eze in July 2006 during her undergraduate days at the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

She started the blog as a way of killing boredom, not knowing that it will grow into a household name today.

BellaNaija, Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria started by featuring scanned magazine articles, pictures and interviews of Nigerian fashion personalities.

When it comes to Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle in a bit, no website does it better than BellaNaija in Nigeria.

However, in a bid to serve the audience better, BellaNaija launched two new websites – BellaNaija Style site & BellaNaija Weddings site in October 2017 & October 2018 respectively which are waxing stronger day by day.

The founder, Uche Eze has since featured on world reputable platforms such as Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, among others.

Part of the things that makes BellaNaija stand out is her nice gesture; the blog organizes #BNDoGood Initiative to support needing communities and non-profit organizations every year.

In recent times, BellaNaija has received many major awards such as Online Publication of the Year (2012 FAB Awards), Most Popular Site (2012 African Entertainment Award), Best Blog (2018 Beatz Awards). The blog was also enlisted in the SME 100 List of 100 most innovative female-owned businesses in Nigeria.


Founded in Year: 2013

Niche: Technology

Owner: Bankole Oluwafemi
Bankole Oluwafemi Top 15 10 bloggers blogs Nigeria
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 4 million

Area of Competence: Enthusiasm and Professionalism

The list of 15 blogs and their owners will be incomplete if this amazing blog is left out.

Tech Cabal is one of the leading technology blog in Nigeria and Africa at large. The blog was created in 2013 by Bankole Oluwafemi, and ever since then it has been well known for its comprehensive, problem-solving articles ranging from startups, investment, and core tech issues.

As the name implies, Tech Cabal was created as a platform for gathering technology enthusiasts (cabals), who share insights, experience and latest technological release or development.
Other areas covered by TechCabal include information technology, tech news, reviews, but to mention a few. The site is a solution center for CEOs, Developers, and tech Startup founders.

Due to their level of Professionalism, the blog has been referenced by many major tech blogs in the world such as TechCrunch.

Year founded: 2013

Niche: News

Owner: Ringier AG, Swiss international operating media company

Estimated Monthly Visitors: 3.5 million

Area of Competence: Premium web layout and user-friendly interface is yet another top Nigerian website owned by a foreign body. The website was created by Ringer AG, Swiss international operating media company. is a really a blessing to Nigeria & Africa as it entertains its citizenry with news, politics, sports, business Insider, gist, music, movies, shows and events updates and lots more.
As of February, 2020 Pulse Nigeria is the 29th most visited site in Nigeria according to Alexa.


Year: 2006

Niche: Technology

Owner: Paschal Okafor
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 150,000

Area of Competence: Honesty and high Search Engine Visibility

Naijatechguide is one of the oldest technology blogs in Nigeria, it was created by Paschal Okafor in 2006.

The website focuses on gadget reviews, tech comparison, gadget specs, and payment gateway.

If you want to buy a gadget like smartphone and you are confused about which one to go for, then Naijatechguide is the website to visit. On the website, you will get honest details and reviews about the gadgets you are looking for.

One thing about Naijatechguide is that the website is loaded with useful highly optimized contents and that’s the main reason that when you search for tech related topics like phone review, gadgets etc. in Nigeria Naijatechguide will always lead the top Spot .

Let’s be frank with ourselves, Paschal Okafor has really contributed greatly to Nigeria blogosphere.


Year: 2008

Niche: Technology

Owner: Jide Ogunsanya

Estimated Monthly Visitors: 200,000

Area of Competence: Professionalism and enthusiasm

Coming 7th on the list is Ogbongeblog! Drum rolls!

A blog owned by a microbiologist Jide Ogunsanya. If there has to be any award for any blogger that has really contributed a lot to Nigerian blogosphere then Jide Ogunsanya should be nominated for the award which he may eventually win.

Jide is the CEO of (the number one blogger forum in Nigeria).

Apart from writing on tech related stuffs, he also provide some basic wordpress and blogger tutorials to bloggers all over the world on his Ogbongeblog, I have learnt a lot from him as he is a source of inspiration to many bloggers in Nigeria.

Ogbongeblog also have a forum on the sub-domain, one thing about Jide ogunsanya is that he always create time to answer questions asked in the comment section, he always carry his readers along by telling them his next steps on his blog, how he make his money and ideas on his blog design, too much of a pro blogger right?

Ogbongeblog boasts of a pagerank of 5 with an average monthly traffic of 200,000 with an Alexa global ranking of and in Nigeria.


Naijaloaded influential blog top 10 15 list Nigeria
Founded in Year: 2009

Niche: Entertainment

Owner: Makinde Azeez
Makinde Azeez Top 10 15 bloggers Nigeria
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 10 million

Area of Competence: Prompt updates and user-friendly website

I’m very sure you must have heard more music @ while playing some of your favorite songs. Isnt it?

Well, Naijaloaded was created by Makinde Azeez almost ten years ago (2009). The website first started as a forum, but due to frequent attack by hackers, the owner decided to convert it into a blog with much emphasis on Nigerian music, videos, entertainment, education and news.

This decision has brought the website to the limelight and it was ranked as one of the biggest Nigerian music websites.
Naijaloaded is well known for its prompt updates, such that whenever a Nigerian song is about to be released, music lovers are already visiting Naijaloaded because they will are usually the first to release it online.

Naijaloaded also operate a TV Channel which is also an entertainment hub for its viewers.

Naijaloaded has bagged a lot of awards both locally and internationally, and it has hundreds of thousands of followers across the social medias.


Daily post news blog portal makes top 10 15 bloggers blogs in Nigeria
Founded in Year: 2015

Niche: News

Owner: James Bamisaye

Estimated Monthly Visitors: 1.2 million

Area of Competence: Transparency and high professionalism is a leading newspaper website created exclusively for Nigerians.

The website was launched by James Bamisaye on the 13th March, 2015. Despite the fact that it was created lately, Daily Post Nigeria now competes with some of the older news website in the nation. publishes up-to-the-minute local and national news, politics, metro, business, entertainment, sports, and opinions every blessed day.

Currently, the website has two main offices, located at Lagos and Abuja. The CEO himself is also the chief Publisher of the newspaper website. And the website has over 35 competent staffs across Nigeria.


360nobs Top 10 15 bloggers in Nigeria
Year: 2010

Niche: Entertainment and lifestyle

Owner: Noble Igwe
Noble Igwe Top blogs bloggers in Nigeria
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 2 million

Area of Competence: Authenticity and uniqueness

The entertaining blog 360nobs was launched by the popular Nigerian fashionista, Noble Igwe, alongside two other people (Oye Akideinde and Abimbola Soares) in April 2010.

If you have visited the website before, I think you’d agree when I say writing is their calling.

All the blog posts are quite pleasant to read, and you might end up spending hours on it if care is not taken.
360nobs is packed with up-to-the-time news, music, fashion tips, and other vital information.

The website has a sizeable amount of followers on the major social networks.


Founded in Year: 2010

Niche : Education

Owner: Hidden

Estimated Monthly Visitors: 3 million
Area of Competence: Authenticity and Resourcefulness

Listing the top 15 blogs in Nigeria and their owners without mentioning this great website will render this article useless. is one of the oldest education websites in Nigeria and if you haven’t found a useful information on this portal before then three things are involved:

It is either you attended tertiary institution before 2010

You never attended any higher institution in Nigeria

Or You did not study in.Nigeria

The website is touching lives by publishing the latest school news, scholarship news, admission updates, examination past questions, but to mention a few. is a great resource for anyone who is seeking admission into any Nigerian tertiary institutions or longing to study abroad.

The website is loaded with helpful tutorials, updates, past questions and answers, and the host of other helpful resources.

Few months ago, the website also incorporated an online CBT Software which allows admission seekers to practice past CBT questions online free of charge.

12. top blog in nigeria hitting top 15 milestone
Founded in Year: 2006

Niche: Entertainment

Owner: Demola Ogundele

Estimated Monthly Visitors: 6 million

Area of Competence: Releasing up-to-date hit

Ademola ogubdele notjustolay Top 15 blogs bloggers in Nigeria is one of the oldest Nigerian music websites; it was established by Demola Ogundele in 2006.
The website is the hub for latest happening in the music industry and it is one of the most visited music websites in Nigeria and Africa at large. was crowned Nigeria’s number 1 Music Blog/Website for three consecutive years (2010, 2011 and 2012)
However, it must be noted that the owner of Notjustok was contemplating to make it a lifestyle blog before he later resorted to making it a music blog.

The leading music website boasts of 1 million+ monthly viewers per month.

13. or

Ademola ogubdele notjustolay Top 15 blogs bloggers in Nigeria
Founded in Year: 2012

Niche: Entertainment and Gists

Owner: Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu
Laila ijeoma top 10 15 bloggers in Nigeria
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 2.5 million
Area of Competence: High Professionalism and quality web layout

Lailas blog was launched by the young and energetic woman – Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu, in 2012. She created the blog after meeting a friend who explained how blogging works to her, and that’s where her passion for blogging emanated from.

Lailas blog, is one of the top blogs in the entertainment niche, and it focuses on entertainment news, celebrity gists, political news, fashion tips, and latest gossips.

The website receive millions of visits every month from Nigeria and abroad.

In 2018, the website domain name was changed from to


Writersincharge List Top 15 blogs
Founded in Year: 2013

Niche: Content Marketing

Owner: Onibalusi Bamidele
Bamidele Onibalusi List of popular bloggers Nigeria top 10 15
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 400,000

Area of Competence: High professionalism and authenticity

The founder, Onibalusi Bamidele started the blog as in 2010 before it was re-branded as in March 2013.

Onibalusi is a very talented writer and he has changed the face of content marketing in Nigeria, and across borders.

He has been featured many times on Digital Journal, Forbes, Millionaire Magazine and other powerful Media brands.

Writersincharge is a great resource center for people who wants to start their own writing blog, and those who wants to increase their blog traffic or monetize it.

This blog has inspired a lot of Writers and bloggers out there.


Omojuwa blog top influential blog
Year: 2009

Niche: Politics

Owner: Japheth Joshua Omojuwa
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 1.8 million

Area of Competence: High professionalism is owned by the social media activist, blogger and a political commentator – Japheth Joshua Omojuwa. was launched back in 2009 and it has become the number 1 choice for anyone who wants to get the latest happening in the political world.

He is loved by all and sundry for his introspective viewpoints.

The smart brain behind also write for top news websites like CNN, The Punch newspaper, Leadership newspaper,, and other platforms across the continent and beyond.

Blogs worth the mention but not included in the list in no particular order

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