12 reasons why your website will be banned by Search engine

Research shows that 60% of websites get most of their traffic from search engines and if luckily you are part of those 60% or you want to be, do you know how devastating it will be if you no longer get organic traffic from search engines? There are thousands of websites out there doing the same thing you do so search engines (google) won’t hesitate to churn you out if you don’t follow their guidelines.

Sadly, if you get banned once it is not easy to get things back to normal after the ban so you have to be very careful with what you do if you don’t want to go back to square 1, even if they unban you it will be hard for you to pull things back especially if you have many contents.

Worst of it all is when they ban you and you don’t even know if you are banned or not! To check if you have been banned simply go to google and type site:yourdomainname.com (replace your domain name with yourdomainname) , if your pages are displayed fine! but if they are not

…………. There are two things involved, it is either your website is not indexed yet or you are completely banned, we wrote a guide on “why your website is not showing up on Google here” so we won’t want to waste time on that here, we wrote a step by step guide on how to make google index your site faster there.

So even if your website is not new and your website still does not display on google then you need to read that and even if your website got indexed and you later discovered they were removed you still need to read that.

If after following those steps your website still did not get indexed then you need to know why your website was banned by google first before you proceed to check how you can solve it and get everything back after you are banned which I will explain further just keep reading, if you unban it without knowing the reason(s) you were banned, you will still get banned again

#1. Black hat seo

What is black hat seo? Let’s not waste time on this, I already wrote a guide on the “meaning, differences and techniques of white hat, grey hat and black hat seo here”.

Black hat seo is one damn thing that can get you banned by search engines, gone are the days when you can do some sort of black hat seo and go scot-free. Nowadays there are algorithms that will easily track you down like Google panda, penguin etc.

#2.Poor uptime

The funniest thing about poor uptime is that it discourage your audience, discourage you the webmaster and also discourage search engines.

Everyone is losing here unlike black hat seo which you will gain something at least before you get caught, uptime is really annoying and that is why you need to be careful when choosing a hosting registrar for your website.

When a website goes down for many weeks it tells search engines that the website is no longer in existent that they should remove it from their index, though if you notice it takes search engines months to remove all your pages as they think you may still be back but who knows? your case may be different.

Even if all your pages are not deleted instantly, your website will start loosing its rank little by little as no search engine want to direct their pages to a non-existing website.

#3.Spam and paid backlinks
Unlike before, search engines can track paid backlinks and devalue those links, dropping backlinks on spam websites seems not to be working nowadays and it can even get your website blacklisted and banned.

You should be careful where you get your link from and to even crown this all google gave a way to disavow links that can harm our website so there is no excuse for us anymore ( Can you now see that link building is fast going into extinction?).

Nevertheless you can still build links just trust your sources and most time do it in a very orderly manner.

#4. BackLink velocity and repetitive anchor text

Recently when I discovered that repetitive anchor text could get a website banned and damage seo ranking, I was shocked.

Indeed this is another way Google trap paid and automated links, they have the same anchor text and the velocity of the link is very high like a 2 weeks website getting thousands of backlink with the same anchor text look weird. Doing this will not only devalue your seo rank but may get your website blacklisted and banned

#5. Plagiarized articles or images

This is the easiest way to get banned by google, just duplicate content without the owner’s consent, the person file a dmca report or report you to google directly then ban follows.

Nowadays a common plagiarized image can get you banned if you are not careful with them.

#6.Robot.txt Errors
Many don’t even know the meaning of robots.txt, by defaults wordpress have them. Robots.txt contains the pages your website should not index and most times your sitemap is also included here with your wp-admin and that is exactly why your dashboard (backend) don’t get indexed. An example of a robots.txt page is bloggingscope.com/robots/txt.
There you will see disallow, allow and sitemaps.
If your post and pages are included it is better you remove them else they will never get indexed
Allowing important pages on your robots.txt file will easily tell search engines never to index them

#7. 301 permanent Redirection for adverts

Search engines expect you to do a 301 permanent redirect to another domain name when you move to another domain name so setting useless permanent redirect to another domain name often could easily tell search engines that you have parked and they should delete the old domain name and also delete all your indexed pages, avoid useless redirects for advert purpose as there are other ways to make money without doing that, I wonder how such website gain audience self, Immediately I see such website I press the red button.

#8. Be careful when buying expired domain

This is why I always when readers when going for an expired domain name with high authority, the person that dropped the domain name did not just drop it, there are reasons for it and one of the reasons include adsense and google search engine ban.

When you want to buy a domain name you need to check if the domain name is not serving ban because if it is google will not index its pages and you will surely suffer for it, there are still ways to get it back if you need which I will explain later but make sure you don’t interlink to their old pages to get traffic because you will still be penalized.

#9 Numerous 404 errors

When Google already indexed a page and they find too many 404 errors, it is a sign that the website no longer exist or existed long time ago, they will surely remove those 404 pages fromtheir index and completely remove all the whole pages as time goes on

#10. Watch those you link to
Linking to websites that encourage illegal acts like hard drugs,gambling etc. even when you can’t avoid linking to them just make it nofollow to avoid stories that touch

#11. Paid traffic

Panda will always trace paid traffic, the only way you can go scot free is if the visitors arranged with the paid traffic stay a little longer on your website but if they don’t am afraid something worse can happen as you may get a serioua setback with your organic traffic

12. Reading this and not dropping a comment on my blog: If you are reading this and you can’t even drop a comment on my blog or at least visit then give me the reason why Google will not ban your website. That is some sort of Red hat seo ( Oya no vex, na lie you won’t get banned not dropping comment on my blog! Just drop a comment)

SO how exactly then can I get my website back after ban?

1.If it is a life ban, the easiest solution is to abandon the domain name for a new one

2. Another option is to mail them, just go to . File a request there for consideration, you see see this on how to write it.

AlternativelyYou can also send a message here If you committed a crime, You have to beg them the best way you can and promise them that you won’t do it again, write a lengthy letter please and don’t make the mistake of abusing them. State your offense and don’t even think of lying please as they know what they banned you for.

Am not sure if you will get a reply but they may act on it, if they do you will notice some changes in few weeks.

You can also tweet this man, @brianwhite a google agent on webspam just to inform him that you get ban and ask him for help

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