Guest Post: Write for us and gain more audience

What is Guest Post?

Guest posting is the act of writing guest posts (original articles) on blogs other than yours in exchange for rewards such as backlinks, popularity and traffic from the blog you guest post on.

What exactly are we expecting from you?

We are currently searching for articles that will engage our readers which in turn increase your traffic and give you more audience and backlinks.

What exactly are we expecting from you (What should your article contain?)

    • Your article must be original and at least lengthy to some extent
    • Article must be written in English
    • Minimum of 700 words
    • Well optimized for SEO i.e. it must contain relevant keywords,contain images, proper heading tags like h2, h3, h4 when called for
      You can check 30 ways to improve your seo if you are new to seo
    • Article must be written in English
    • Article must contain relevant images (at least one)
    • You must research properly to be sure that the content you want to write on doesn’t exist on our blog before, duplicate contents will not be published
    • Please note that article written to promote your blog or a products will not be published as this is not the right place to do this, mail for that
    • We cherish writers that interlink to our existing contents as they help to relieve our stress, it shows they are not writing the guest post for their own selfish interest alone

These are the categories you can write on

  • SEO
  • WordPress tutorials
  • Hosting and domain name
  • tutorials
  • Adsense guides
  • Affiliate marketing guides
  • Ad-networks review
  • Any other things related to blogging

These are the examples of articles on our blog that will give you an insight on what to write on:


Incase you are not sure what to write about or you are confused if the post you want to write on already exist, don’t hesitate to mail

What you will get in exchange for writing for us?

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This section is divided into two, for those that write articles lesser than 2000words you will get:

  • 2 quality “do-follow”backlinks from our blog linking to your blog, one in your article and the other in the author box which will increase your seo ranking
  • We will write about you at the end of your guest post, your name and your website url
  • Traffic to your blog
  • You stand a chance of featuring in our blogger of the month award as if you keep writing for us, we will feature you
  • One affiliate link which will last for 6 months


If you write above 3000 words, you will get all the benefits mentioned above and:

  • You will get a free personalized email on how you can improve your blog and ways to make money from it, we will draw you nearer to us by giving you basic blogging tips and scopes we use to drive traffic and improve our blog.
  • *If you write-up to 7000 original and engaging article and we notice you don’t have adsense on your blog, apart from writing articles for you on your blog, we will give you the tips to get adsense approval for your blog as we have done for many blogs in the past and how to write articles that will get you adsense approval fast.
  • Our whatsapp Phone number to chat with us anytime you have challenges with your blog
  • You will be opportuned to put 2 affliate links which will be deleted in 1 year
  • An author box at the end of your guest post wih your image

After knowing these things, then how do I submit the guest post?

You can use this form below which is the easiest way we recommend

Note: We are currently having issues with submitting images using the form below, after submission of the content, kindly mail your attachments (images) to We are sorry for this inconvenience.


If you are having problem with the form, you can submit your guest post directly to with your name, email address, website , author bio in the email.